March 21, 2007 I have a female Schnauzer and my new neighbor has a male Schnauzer, should we have a wedding?

March 21, 2007

I have a female Schnauzer and my new neighbor has a male Schnauzer, should we have a wedding?

Let me give you a few reasons why you should NOT.

Every spring, cats and dogs that have not been spayed or neutered give birth to countless puppies and kittens - overwhelming shelters all over the country with unwanted litters. As a result, there are always far more dogs and cats than there are homes. Each year in this country, more than 5,000,000 unwanted animals are euthanized. The only way to stop the needless deaths of 5,000,000 animals a year is to stop overpopulation. The only way to stop pet overpopulation is through spay/neuter.

On the North Shore Animal Leagues website,
there is a chart that shows how many animals would be born if none of the offspring were ever “fixed.”
1 year: more than 12
2 years: more than 66
3 years: more than 375
4 years: more than 2,000
5 years: more than 11,000
6 years: more than 66,000
7 years: more than 370,000
8 years: more than 2,000,000
The numbers are staggering!

Cats can start mating as early as six months.
Even indoor-only house cats often find ways to get outdoors when the sexual urge hits them. Whether they disappear for good (due to panic, accidents, or enemies) or they return home, kittens are the result.
An unaltered male cat can father hundreds of kittens a year.
Statistically speaking, even if a person finds good homes for a litter of kittens, some of the kittens will grow up and produce litters of kittens.
Spaying a female before her first heat protects her from risks of uterine, ovarian, and mammary cancers.
Spaying also protects her from the stresses of pregnancy.
Spaying reduces her frantic interest in the outdoors and reduces the chances that she'll wander far.
Spaying reduces the chances she'll mark your home with urine when she's in heat.
Unaltered cats have urges that make them irritable and anxious. They yowl or whine frequently, fight with other cats, and/or destroy objects in the house.
Neutering a male reduces his risk from numerous health problems.
Neutering lowers his urge to roam and to fight, and thus lowers chances of disease transmission and wounds.

Neutering also reduces his tendency to spray in the home.
And neutering eliminates the powerful odor of adult male cat urine.

It costs U.S. taxpayers an estimated $2 billion each year to round up, house, kill, and dispose of homeless animals.(From

A spayed or neutered animal will live a longer, healthier life with decreased risk of developing ovarian, uterine or breast cancer (females) and prostate cancer or testicular tumors (males).
A spayed or neutered animal is better behaved and less aggressive.
Spaying and neutering will reduce the desire to roam, fight, and "mark" territory.

Neutering will make males more reliable and easier to train.

If you watch Animal Planet and have ever seen an episode of “Animal Cops” you’ve probably seen episodes that show people who are “collectors” This is a mental illness similar to people who hoard “things” only these are living things and they reproduce two to four times per year. They become overwhelmed and animal welfare organizations end up removing hundreds of cats and dogs in ONE household! It all starts with one male and one female. Many people with good intentions take in animals to feed yet they don’t consider spaying or neutering and they quickly become overwhelmed at the number of animals that are produced.

“But I can’t afford to have my pet neutered.” The truth is, you can’t afford NOT to get your pet neutered.

There are low cost spay/ neuter organizations in Indiana.

1. North Central Indiana Spay and Neuter Clinic in Battleground
$40 for cats, $75 female dogs, $50 male dogs.
North Centrals phone number is 765-497-3141 for appointments to spay/neuter.


! FACE Low Cost Spay/Neuter Clinic1505 E. Massachusetts AveIndianapolis, IN 46201317-638-3223Web: www.facespayneuter.orgLow cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, testing, and heartworm and flea medications. FACE stands for Foundation Against Companion Animal Euthanasia. Services for ferals and pets.

! Spay/Neuter Services of IndianaIndianapolis and surrounding areas 317-788-6330Web:

! The Neuter Scooter
1-866-662-5838A clinic in a van visits various locations in Indiana and Ohio and performs low cost spay/neuter for cats.

! SPAY/USA, a national program whose mission is to end the suffering of innocent dogs and cats by reducing the number of unwanted births, is announcing its partnership with Pets ALIVE Spay/Neuter Clinic. Pets ALIVE began partnering with SPAY/USA in December 2006 to create Indiana Spay Neuter Alliance.Indiana Spay Neuter Alliance is a one stop referral service for low cost spay and neuter services throughout Indiana. Toll free number 1-866-957-7729

I also want to mention many local vets are willing to work with someone with financial need when it comes to spay and neuter. Call your vet and ask.
There is another website I highly encourage my readers to visit who may be thinking of breeding their pet. is an interactive site that shows you all the ins and outs of breeding your dog and things that can and do go wrong. It will make you think twice.

March 7, 2007 The Academy Award goes to....

March 7, 2007

The Academy Award goes to . . .

I have to say that most dogs that come into my shop are born actors. In fact I could mention several that would probably win an academy award for their performance. The owners are holding little "Foo Foo" in their arms and as they walk into the shop little Foo Foo turns into a quivering, cowering mass of jelly that doesn't want Mommy or Daddy to leave them.
This dramatic performance naturally makes Mommy or Daddy very upset because their baby never does that at home. In fact the poor owner feels so bad, they second guess themselves at whether little Foo Foo REALLY needs to be groomed at all! "Oh, Foo Foo, my poor baby! Why just look at you shake! Are you cold? Are you scared? No baby, Mommy has to leave now . . . sniff."
Meanwhile the groomer stands there, waiting for little Foo Foo to come to her outstretched arms, and the dog clings to Mommy like Saran Wrap, clutching her shoulder with tiny little sharp claws that are digging into Mommy's skin.
"Oh . . . could you make sure you trim his nails? ....Foo Foo! It's ok baby! ...really . . . Mommy loves you!" So the groomer pries the little dog away from Mommy . . . and Mommy goes out the door feeling really guilty and listening to the pitiful whines, as she heads for her car.
Once Mommy is out of earshot . . . Foo Foo suddenly perks up! No quivering, no shaking, and his tail is going a mile a minute! Now THAT is worthy of an academy award! Why do dogs do this? Is it to give the groomer a complex? To make their owners nuts? No, actually the answer is dogs are just like kids. Remember when you first left your child at a sitter or daycare? Remember the tears, (yours too) and the guilt. Your kids learned at an early age how to pull those heart strings and your dog is no different.
People who have never had children or empty nesters are the ones who fall for this act the worst. They either never had to deal with kids or don't remember the manipulation they had from their own children when they were young. In fact I know many people who treat their dog BETTER than they treated their own kids! They would NEVER have let their kids do some of the stuff their little Foo Foo is allowed to do! This may be why many adult children of empty nesters don't necessarily "like" their new furry little brother or sister.
Now I'm not complaining about folks who treat their dog like a kid. Heck I do it too, at times. I would rather see a dog spoiled than neglected for sure! But I just want to reassure the anxious Mom or Dad that Groomers and Vets do not abuse little Foo Foo after you leave. If parents stay and watch, then the dogs’ act continues and makes it nearly impossible to groom them. That is why many Groomers request that the owner leave the dog and come back later. Just like leaving a child at daycare, the crying stops after parents leave and they generally have a good day.
I wish I was being videotaped so mom or dad could actually see the transformation of Foo Foo's act from scared and whiney, to happy, wagging tail and cooperative. Don't get me wrong, some dogs don't care to be groomed at all. How many people have to spell B- A -T- H? How many dogs run and hide when they see you head for the sink with a towel in hand? My own dogs do that! Then I remind them that when it comes to necessary things such as baths, visits to the groomer or vet or any other less than pleasant procedure that our house is not a democracy. It is a dictatorship! The time comes when some things just need to be done. Dealing with reluctant dogs is no different than dealing with reluctant kids. How many 8-year-old boys like to take a bath? They don’t want to go in . . . then they won't come out! What if we said to our kids "ok honey, I can see you don’t want a bath, it’s ok . . . I won’t make you take one" Never mind it’s been weeks . . . and the stench is overwhelming to all. No, somehow when we deal with kids we put the foot down and just make it happen. Well the furry little 4-legged kid is the same. You just have to be tough and say, "This isn’t Burger King, you can’t have it your way!"
By the same token, I do have a few dogs that come RUNNING into my shop to greet me and joyfully jump into the shower or onto my table wagging their tails and do it right in front of their owners! I wish they all would love being groomed as much! Believe me it surprises me as much as it does their owners! Maybe if I had the time to play with them, feed them, walk them and snuggle with them on my lap as much as their owners I would get a better greeting but alas . . . I have to get to work so they can go home soon and show off their new look! So I’ll try not to take it personally when a dog sees me and turns the other direction looking for a way out, We all only want what’s best for your dog. Luckily, dogs are so forgiving. I’m sure they’ll forgive the owners for bringing them to us and paying us to groom them!