1-18-10 Updates for the New Year

Updates for the New Year

I got another call from Nancy Glass Productions this morning. They have decided that they will feature all the contestants that plan to attend the show in California, but paying for me to get there is not going to work and they said that when other shows closer to me happen then they will feature me. I can live with that. I’m expecting Hershey, Pennsylvania in September to be the next show to shoot for.

I guess paying for 4 plane tickets for us, plus one for the dog on a dog airline, since they don’t fly large dogs in the cabin (there is no way I’m sticking her in the luggage area) is a bit of a stretch. I suppose chartering a Lear jet was out of the question. I wasn’t up to driving 4 days in a car with everyone one way to do this show. I know there are those who do that, but I made that trip every year when I was a kid, before we had to wear seatbelts or be in car seats and it was hard on me then. I can’t put us through that. I know a few who will drive all the way across the country to do this show, and for them, it may be worth it, but not for me. My creative grooming television debut will have to come later on. I wished the other gals good luck in the competition and can’t wait to watch it on TV!
That said, she did mention how impressed they were with the videos I sent them and all the work I’ve done so far. (She let me down easy.)

Meanwhile, I’m finding out that I have some wonderful clients and friends out there that really care about me and all that I’ve been through lately. The New Year has not gotten off to a great start yet, but it’s nice to know I have so many wonderful people in my life who understand and support me. I’m starting to feel like a jinx lately, but from what I hear, it’s happening to a lot of people. We have some bad juju in the stars I guess.

I am currently taking an online course in cats through the Nash academy, and I’m learning some fascinating things about cats I didn’t know.
For instance, (and if THIS doesn’t make you want to run out and SPAY your female cat, nothing will); I found out that the male cat has barbs on his uh… personal parts and that when they mate; the PAIN of the mating is what makes her release her eggs. OUCH! Okay ladies, time to call up the vet NOW to make your spay appointment for your kitty! Just the thought of that makes me cringe! That explains the reason why the female cat will attack the male after mating. Men may not understand this, but trust me all the women reading this will run to their phone and call their vet immediately!

Also I found out that if a female doesn’t get bred when she’s in heat, she will come in heat again within 2 days to 2 weeks UNTIL she does get bred! Holy screaming cats! Another great reason to get her fixed, no more midnight serenades! I also learned that some cats can go into heat at only 3 to 4 months old! I know some vets that will not spay until 6 months old and that may be too late! We really do have a huge cat over-population problem, and Hoofstock Veterinary Service in Pine Village is VERY reasonable on their cat spays and neuters. I know that they will do early spays and neuters, as will North Central Indiana Spay and Neuter in Battleground, and also The Neuter Scooter Mobile Clinic who travels all around Indiana and only does cats. Worth kidnapping a stray cat – and/or an entire litter and spaying and neutering to stop the madness! Many vets will offer a stray cat spay or neuter deal if you just ask them. Don’t be shy, and if it’s not affordable for you, call around! It’s not something they normally advertise, but they are all willing to help stop the over-population problem.
Alright, before you erase that horrible mental image I gave you from above, get on the phone, call the vet and make an appointment NOW! I will never look at cats the same way again, and now neither will you.

1-4-10 Happy New Year

Happy New Year!

Another year is again upon us, wow, where did the time go? 2009 was not the greatest year for us, and many people I know. Financially it was hard, though we've fared better than many have. Emotionally though, it was very difficult. I've lost more dear friends, clients and pets this year and it’s been hard. Here’s hoping 2010 is much kinder to us all.

Now for resolutions…

2009 was the year for miscommunication!

I almost lost an opportunity of a lifetime just this week when I was called by Nancy Glass Productions about a new show they are making a pilot for in February in California about creative grooming! Why? Because I didn't check my voicemail! Half the time I can't get to the phone, find the phone in time or hear the phone ring due to the noise of drying dogs, or barking dogs etc. I am rarely away from the house, but it never fails, the minute I step outside the door the phone rings. Or when I'm on the phone with a client, call waiting always comes in. I can't switch over, most of the time I won't because I think it’s rude, but why does the phone ONLY ring when I'm already on it?

Another pet peeve about phones is caller ID. This does no good when it’s a cell phone. If it’s in another area code, is it a telemarketer, or a client? I know of many people with out of state numbers on their cell phones. So the only logical thing to do is answer all the calls and hang up on the telemarketers. Caller ID has become pointless.

Remembering to check voicemail after you get the client’s dogs groomed, feed the family and do the home-schooling and housework is the hard part. Then by the time I manage to get to the voicemail, oops it’s too late to call anyone back! UGH! I need a secretary!

So now I'm up to making a video interview for them, and it needs to be to them by Monday, January 4th, no pressure! I hope get picked to go to California in February. If not, they plan on going to other shows later on so there’s always hope. I am from California and still have friends there that I can stay with so a reunion with old friends is REALLY the reason behind wanting to go on this trip. They haven't met my kids; it’s been a really LONG time since we've been together in person, although we regularly e-mail each other and keep in touch, a free flight for the family and dog would be a wonderful way to get my year off to a fantastic start!

So for 2010 I am VOWING to do much better to check voice mails, and e-mails and get back to people quicker.

Organization is also high on my list of resolutions. I have to get it together! (When I do I'll probably forget where I put it.) I preach it, but I'm bad at doing it. Better communication and more organization is my plan to get the New Year started off right. Is there hope for the chronically disorganized? It’s not so much getting organized as it is keeping it organized. Putting things back where they belong is a big one I'm trying to change.

Weight loss? Puleeze! I won't even go there! I will not beat myself up over that issue. I am what I am like it or not. Okay so I'm not perfect, nobody is. We all have things we'd like to change about ourselves or our lives. My pets love me the way I am, so that’s good enough for me. They also have the good manners not to point out any of my many shortcomings, which most humans don't have. Next time you are feeling a little bit down on yourself, go hug your pets and remember what is really important, and let’s all be glad that 2009 is OVER and we can start fresh once again!